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Dexcom G6 Monthly Subscription Program

Dexcom G6 Monthly Subscription Program

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Dexcom G6 subscription for $379.50 per month

Sign up to our Dexcom G6 monthly subscription program and enjoy the convenience of automatic monthly delivery and the following benefits

  • After 6 months, get a FREE Dexcom water bottle
  • After 12 months, get $10 OFF per month

Automatic Delivery of:

  • 3x Dexcom G6 10-day wear Sensors per month
  • 1x Transmitter every 3 months
  • 1x Dexcom Overpatches Pack of 10 every 3 months

    Prior to purchase, please check if your smart device is compatible with the Dexcom G6 App. For a full list of compatible smart devices, click here. Prior to purchase please review the terms and conditions below, which you will accept on purchase of a product. Alternatively, you can purchase a Dexcom G6 Receiver if you don't have a compatible device, sold separately.

    Terms and Conditions: By purchasing this product you agree to the terms and conditions of use below and accept the warranty information regarding each product purchased. You agree that you will make a follow-up appointment with your healthcare professional.

    *Includes GST. 1. Delivery of goods is based on a fixed schedule as detailed in the subscription agreement. Additional Dexcom consumables may be purchased outside of this offer. 2. Monthly payment plan includes GST and excludes delivery costs. Delivery costs will be payable at the same time as, and in addition to, the monthly payment. Goods will only be dispatched on receipt of monthly payment in full.  Credit/Debit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCards & American Express.

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