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Dexcom G6 90-Day Subscription - Loyalty

Dexcom G6 90-Day Subscription - Loyalty

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The Dexcom G6 90-Day Kit (No Receiver) includes the following:

  • 1 x Dexcom G6 Transmitter (3 month life and warranty from the date of activation)
  • 3 x Dexcom G6 Sensor Packs of 3
  • 1 x Dexcom Overpatches Pack of 10

Prior to purchase, please check if your smart device is compatible with the Dexcom G6 App. For a full list of compatible smart devices, click here. Prior to purchase please review the terms and conditions below, which you will accept on purchase of a product. Alternatively, you can purchase a Dexcom G6 Receiver if you don't have a compatible device, sold separately.

Terms and Conditions: By purchasing this product you agree to the terms and conditions of use below and accept the warranty information regarding each product purchased. You agree that you will make a follow up appointment with your healthcare professional.

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